Swimwear and Beach Accessories

Knots & Kisses - a brand OF SWIMWEAR AND BEACH accessories.

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Knots & Kisses was born from passion and excitement. We love what we do and have fun doing it. Isn't that the way "work" is supposed to be!

Living near the ocean, we wanted to create our own swimwear and beach accessory line. With headquarters in Florida USA, our inspiration for starting Knots & Kisses came from travelling around the world, interacting with different cultures and finding essential pieces we wanted to share with our customers.

As a Swimwear and Beach Accessory Brand, our goal is to offer unique items that are creative and entice the senses.

We work with reputable manufacturers who understand that we stand for trendy items made with honest and reliable attitudes.

Let's work together to provide you with some fabulous pieces.

We welcome all wholesale enquiries. Contact us now and let's get started.